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Le Weekend

Friday, March 14, 2008, 7 pm: Meet the heart-stealing Marielle (aka p’tit Peng), daughter of my cousins, whom I finally met. Just look at those round cheeks. That little hand! Her pink onesie! Saturday March 15, 2008, Noon: These people are up too early, although the day is bright and sunny. This is a full-fledged… Continue reading Le Weekend

Writing & Memory

Last Words

I officially finished two years of wonderful graduate school at 11:45 pm on August 1, 2007. There was so much I lost and found on this journey: a home, love, friends, a job, my groove, happiness, purpose, meaning, knowledge, fear, uncertainty, freedom, creativity, my sleep cycle. (You can guess which of those I lost and… Continue reading Last Words

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Benachin with Yassa

I walked along little streets today, and they were alternately sunny and shady. Everything looked new. I changed my iPod battery for a silly low price at iRepair on College Street. I went to Kalendar and met PC, who wore a very pink t-shirt, for a drink. He looked very different from the last time… Continue reading Benachin with Yassa

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No News is Good News

(Photo courtesy of Right? Anyway, I spent nine hours in the library yesterday. I got so much work done I could hardly believe it. If I had been at home, I’d have been sleeping on my sofa for three out of those, and checking my emails the rest of the time. Falstaff criticism is… Continue reading No News is Good News

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Well! One presentation down! Now there’s just a conference paper to propose and present. And I am officially over with grad school classes. And I’m enamoured of Falstaff. There’s a kind of sadness here in my belly. Two years, it’s been, of beating my brains over critical theory and writing reams of pages about things… Continue reading Apple-johns

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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Guess what I went to see last night at the Canstage Bluma. It was a riot. It was one giant song and dance extravaganza. It was packed to the rafters. And most of all, it was a superb production that got a standing ovation. (At last!) Go see it! In other news, a wonderful tea… Continue reading Let’s Do The Time Warp Again