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Donde Coño Esta Mi Memoria!?

  Been reading old entries in this blog – my journal of memories ranging from the inane to the superlative. A strange experience is to read things you’ve written, and not even recognise your own writing, let alone your own memories. In the words of the famous Urkel, “Did I do that?” I wonder then,… Continue reading Donde Coño Esta Mi Memoria!?

Writing & Memory

Bernard Hare: How my father gave me a terrifying lesson at 10

This story by Bernard Hare was the first thing I read on my BBC mobile app when I woke up this morning, and it has stayed with me all day. I shared it with my soul sisters, and one of them described it as “the disguises of love.” I couldn’t have put it better. I’m sharing it… Continue reading Bernard Hare: How my father gave me a terrifying lesson at 10

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Does fiction make you a dreamer?

I was talking with a colleague at work earlier today, and I asked her if she read fiction. She didn’t seem like the type — head on her shoulders, au courant with politics and social issues, always discussing the management consultancy world and its people. She said No, I don’t. My job is my job.… Continue reading Does fiction make you a dreamer?

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After the day’s fast has ended

Oh Minara Masjid at Mohammedali Road at night: a cacophony of horns and hawkers that make your head spin, women clad from head to toe in black burqas buying bras and fake diamond necklaces, the mosque incandescent with fairy lights, and the sweetshop in front hidden by towers of fine-spun sutar firni, golden malpuas, and… Continue reading After the day’s fast has ended

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A Few of My Favourite Things

Nine years is almost a decade. That’s a long time. I sat on the couch, paralyzed by the To Do list I had to check off in the coming two weeks after work hours, and of course, wandered over to Facebook instead. Eventually, I ended up where I always do when I’ve read everyone’s updates… Continue reading A Few of My Favourite Things