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Last Words

I officially finished two years of wonderful graduate school at 11:45 pm on August 1, 2007. There was so much I lost and found on this journey: a home, love, friends, a job, my groove, happiness, purpose, meaning, knowledge, fear, uncertainty, freedom, creativity, my sleep cycle. (You can guess which of those I lost and… Continue reading Last Words

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Well! One presentation down! Now there’s just a conference paper to propose and present. And I am officially over with grad school classes. And I’m enamoured of Falstaff. There’s a kind of sadness here in my belly. Two years, it’s been, of beating my brains over critical theory and writing reams of pages about things… Continue reading Apple-johns

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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Guess what I went to see last night at the Canstage Bluma. It was a riot. It was one giant song and dance extravaganza. It was packed to the rafters. And most of all, it was a superb production that got a standing ovation. (At last!) Go see it! In other news, a wonderful tea… Continue reading Let’s Do The Time Warp Again