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Review-ish: Words and Music

Now I’m a big fan of Turner Classic Movies. This is well documented in my posts from years past. In fact, I remember very well that when I first got cable in Canada — a luxury in itself for the recently employed grad student, I paid for extra channels just to get TCM. It saved… Continue reading Review-ish: Words and Music

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The CK interviews Michael Muhammad Knight

Michael Muhammad Knight‘s The Taqwacores is the story of a group of punk rock kids who squat in a filthy upstate New York house that becomes a meeting place for drugged-out, boozed-up acquaintances to party and pass out in each night. Each Friday, however, it also becomes a meeting place for the same kids, where… Continue reading The CK interviews Michael Muhammad Knight

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Zen Mastery

If only I could learn how to fold myself into a ball of fluff and sleep, and chase socks filled with catnip, and sit by the window all day to contemplate the birds flying ten stories up in the air. This weekend, I missed the baptism of a beautiful little baby girl called Irma in… Continue reading Zen Mastery