One year later

It’s starts like a joke. A man walks into a bar, and…

How was I to know that one year ago, when I wrote about things shifting so fundamentally in the world on January 1, 2012, I was talking about MY world. My life. About the man who walked into a bar and into my life on March 2, 2012, and asked me to marry him two and a half weeks later. About the confluence of our dearest friends and family, our pasts and presents, who were able to join us to celebrate our union in July and see us off into our future. And those who couldn’t, but sent their love to us regardless.

Looking back makes my head spin. So much, so fast, so big, so blessed. I keep thanking, thinking, how, how. How did it all happen like that? Someone who holds my hand all the time. Who never tires of talking and listening. Who will walk with me for miles and love me until the cows come home.

Despite all the shit that 2012 brought — and shit it did — friends taking their lives, people we loved passing on, family falling ill, health burdens like never before, 2012 will always be the year I found my beacon of light and love.

And now for 2013… picking up a few threads I left on March 2.
1. Reading books again — one a week
2. Planning my next moves to another geography
3. These days I need to have a 3-point agenda, thanks to the training I’ve received in the job I’m 2 and a half years old at, so it’s to write more.

I’ll leave that as my Q1 plan, in the parlance of my work colleagues.

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