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Review-ish: Death and the Penguin by Andrey Kurkov

March 2013. This is a book I doubt I shall easily forget. Never has an author created so much pathos for an animal (in this case, Misha, a rescued Emperor penguin from the Kiev Zoo) since Jack London’s “White Fang.” A bird with the intelligence and sensitivity of a dog, waddling around a small Soviet… Continue reading Review-ish: Death and the Penguin by Andrey Kurkov

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The CK interviews Michael Muhammad Knight

Michael Muhammad Knight‘s The Taqwacores is the story of a group of punk rock kids who squat in a filthy upstate New York house that becomes a meeting place for drugged-out, boozed-up acquaintances to party and pass out in each night. Each Friday, however, it also becomes a meeting place for the same kids, where… Continue reading The CK interviews Michael Muhammad Knight

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The Making of Stripmalling: Way of the Smock Episode 1 of 4

  “Who am I, Margaret Atwood? No. I’m Jon Paul fucking Fiorentino.” This is just hysterically funny if you’re a fan of Canadian literature. Or if you just appreciate silly humour. P.S. Roland Michener was the Governor General of Canada from 1967 to 1974. Jon Paul Fiorentino is a badass.  

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Serendiparis – Part I

Before rushing out the door to get to the airport, I scanned my bookshelf for an airplane read. Since I was headed to Paris, I thought it would be à propos to pick a French author for my journey, and given that I wouldn’t have the concentration to actually read in French, I decided on… Continue reading Serendiparis – Part I

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Ready, Set, Fall Reads

Nothing like feeling sick to get me blogging again. I’m sitting here watching the season’s premiere of Heroes, and poor Hiro Nakamura has already lost the secret formula his father entrusted him to protect in his last well and testament. Nathan Petrelli has been killed and come back to life, and Claire’s finally had her… Continue reading Ready, Set, Fall Reads

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Review-ish: Cottage Reads

Beasts of No Nation by Uzodinma Iweala This was a very quick read: the time taken to travel from Toronto to Tobermory. The narrative begins confusingly, a first-person voice speaking pidgin English, disoriented by sound and light and hunger. But soon, Agu introduces himself to us through his simple, childish revelations that are both sublime,… Continue reading Review-ish: Cottage Reads

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Now Reading: Writers on Writing

Is it just coincidence that ALL the last four books that I randomly chose are written about writers writing? It all started with… The Ghostwriter – Philip Roth. Lent to me by a publisher (who is publishing my friend Rebecca’s book this fall), who suggested I read it because it talks about the frustration of… Continue reading Now Reading: Writers on Writing

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Review-ish: The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth

“Are the dead, too, defiled by sorrow, Remorse, or anguish? We who live Clutch at our porous myths to borrow Belief to ease us, to forgive Those who by dying have bereft us Of themselves, of ourselves, and left us Prey to this spirit-baffling pain. The countries round our lives maintain No memoirists and no… Continue reading Review-ish: The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth