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Review-ish: Words and Music

Now I’m a big fan of Turner Classic Movies. This is well documented in my posts from years past. In fact, I remember very well that when I first got cable in Canada — a luxury in itself for the recently employed grad student, I paid for extra channels just to get TCM. It saved… Continue reading Review-ish: Words and Music

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Waltzing’s for Dreamers – Richard Thompson

I first heard this song on Lori Cullen’s exquisite album, “Calling for Rain.” It’s one of my favourite songs (especially her rendition), but here’s the original version by the equally amazing Richard Thompson – the song’s creator. Oh play me a blue song and fade down the light I’m sad as a proud man can… Continue reading Waltzing’s for Dreamers – Richard Thompson

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The CK interviews Michael Muhammad Knight

Michael Muhammad Knight‘s The Taqwacores is the story of a group of punk rock kids who squat in a filthy upstate New York house that becomes a meeting place for drugged-out, boozed-up acquaintances to party and pass out in each night. Each Friday, however, it also becomes a meeting place for the same kids, where… Continue reading The CK interviews Michael Muhammad Knight

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Baby, I’m Your Man!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just saw the best of George Michael. (Lame faraway crazed-fan photo 1) After the past three weeks of sad news – losing dear friends, and having friends lose their dear ones to cancer, much light came into my life by way of tonight’s concert. George Michael wasn’t looking Wham!. He wasn’t… Continue reading Baby, I’m Your Man!

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Review-ish: The Spice Girls and the Power of Five

People in the World! Spice Up Your Life! Every Boy and Every Girl! Spice Up Your Life! Wooooot! Shake it to the left! Shake it to the Right! Aaaaaaaaaah! Just coming down from the insanity of last night that was the Spice Girls on the second last date of their tour, which ends in Toronto… Continue reading Review-ish: The Spice Girls and the Power of Five

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Un Sonido Bestial

This should get your booty shaking, even if you can’t dance. I’ve been listening to it on my iPod all summer, and I can’t count how many times I’ve broken out in a salsa freestyle in elevators, (empty) streets, and my living room. Song: Jala Jala Artist: Richie Ray The sound’s a little off, but… Continue reading Un Sonido Bestial

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In Short

Friday: Caught up with C. (back from Mexico City, yeah! And off to Madrid, boo!) and two M.’s at Dora’s where copious libations were imbibed until a modest hour. Then finished BSG Season 2!!! Saturday: Went to the Roy Thomson Hall for the first time to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra perform a number of… Continue reading In Short