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Colombia: Cali-ente!

Are these updates becoming too frequent? I am now in stupendously beautiful Quito, having left Cali early this morning on a flight. It was a relaxing and enjoyable four days there. I didn´t salsa unfortunately, but spent four hours, one evening listening to several of Colombia´s best Afro-Colombian bands play at a stadium in the… Continue reading Colombia: Cali-ente!

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Fun in Manizales

I am now in Cali. Just a quick update – spent the last 4 days in the beautiful hills of the Eje Cafetero region. Manizales is a pretty university town set right on top of a hill, and surrounded by the cordilleras, with spectacular views of the Nevados del Ruiz, a craggy snow-covered mountain range… Continue reading Fun in Manizales

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No Me Mulleta: The Mullets of Medellin

This is going to be a quick update (again) because I´m running out of money and I´m dead tired from travelling and losing things (and finding them) again. I´ll get the hang of it soon, I promise. Things lost (and found) today: my sleeping bag. I just got to my next stop, Manizales, after spending… Continue reading No Me Mulleta: The Mullets of Medellin

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Fun things I did on vacation

JUST ANOTHER EXCUSE TO POST PHOTOGRAPHS AND TELL YOU INANE STORIES • Spent an entire afternoon at the Ministry of Defence in Bogota, buying a plane ticket to Cartagena. • Drank Postobon almost every single day. This is a photo of the Postobon delivery van. • Spent an entire afternoon at the Immigration Ministry in… Continue reading Fun things I did on vacation

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Another Difficult Day

Yesterday, December 27, I wandered down to the old city and spent the entire day walking around and talking to various people. All of them started out trying to sell me something and ended up sitting around and chatting about India´s massive population problems, and how I looked Brazilian or Italian, and how they had… Continue reading Another Difficult Day

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December 26th, 2006

Agua en Bolsa: the 300 peso refresher when you`re on the road. Woke up this morning in my private room and hit my head twice on the top of the bathroom entrance. Then moved into the dorm because a bed finally opened up. Dorm room is STANKONIA. Although the casa itself is quite nice. Am… Continue reading December 26th, 2006