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The Hunt

This job search is making me feel so old and slow. Two years and the world has moved so fast, and I’m not leading the charge. In fact, I’m the fat kid running at the back of the race, trying to keep up with the rest. I’m the kid who has to stop, bend over, hands on knees, and catch my breath. That’s how fast shit is changing.

Everyone’s talking about Customer Relationship Management. That’s the new speak for the good old days when you actually knew the customer who walked into your shop and ordered her regular. You knew her name, her size, and her favourite colour. You’d recognise her on the street if you walked past her, and you’d say hello and ask after her children, whose names you knew, if she had any. It was because you cared about her patronage enough to remember the things that mattered to her, since she cared enough about your products to give you her patronage.

Today, it’s Customer Relationship Management. All on a program on your computer. Maybe it’ll act up every now and then and you’ll send her a letter calling her Mr instead of Mrs. Or tell her that you just brought in a new product line in clementine orange, when her favourite colour is actually emerald green. It wasn’t your mistake – it was the algorithm. I mean, you don’t even know her.

Yeah. So I’m learning how to be impersonally personal.


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