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Get Your War On!

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How can John McCain raise last minute campaign funds?

I feel terrible that John McCain’s been so cash-strapped over this election, especially since his rival Barack Obama is flush these days. I mean, there’s no question that his lack of media visibility is costing him this election. So this morning, I read this article on Associated Press. I generally like them because they’re one… Continue reading How can John McCain raise last minute campaign funds?

Obama Barack

Top Ten Things to Look Forward to if Obama Wins

10. A New World Order09. A handsome world leader08. Hope07. Change06. The end of war-mongering and the beginning of peace initiatives based on international co-operation05. No more unilateral decisions04. Fewer ignorant Americans (because of education initiatives)03. No more gun-toting trust-fund cowboys in power02. Palin will go back to sending “those” out to Russia from her… Continue reading Top Ten Things to Look Forward to if Obama Wins

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Obama! Mehldau! Metheny!

Here for Obama’s brilliant speech announcing his U.S. presidential candidacy. And he’s half-Kenyan. Lots of barakas for him. I had the Mehldau experience in New York City at the Village Vanguard back in October 2006. It was incredible. For anyone who wants to see him, albeit at a bigger venue, and this time with none… Continue reading Obama! Mehldau! Metheny!