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Lima, Peru: Around the World in 60 Seconds

I am now in Arequipa, recovering from a near-death experience (in which I wanted to kill myself) while hiking down and around the Colca Canyon, but more on that later. It is a parable that we all will benefit from. So. Lima. Every time I visit a new South American capital city, I am more… Continue reading Lima, Peru: Around the World in 60 Seconds

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A Case of Bad Ceviche: the North Coast of Peru

My cousin and I spent a great part of our mornings worrying about our digestive tracts these days. You see, although our best intentions were to leave Mancora the day after I wrote to you, the call of a bowl of Peruvian parihuela and a platter of ceviche was too strong to ignore. We wish… Continue reading A Case of Bad Ceviche: the North Coast of Peru

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Mancora, Peru: Dead Animal Safari

We made it to Peru one day earlier than planned. I´ll spare you the details, but we crossed what is touted by the guidebooks to be south america´s most dangerous border crossing like we were VIP´s. We left Cuenca in a mad rush, having found out that we had half an hour to catch a… Continue reading Mancora, Peru: Dead Animal Safari

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Ecuador: Shrunken heads, panama hats, and standing in the middle of the world

Would you like to learn how to make your very own shrunken head? It might get you in prison, but if you want to learn, read on… I am now in Cuenca. I am lost for words to describe this city. Every corner is a surprise: a marvel of Spanish colonial architecture that feels like… Continue reading Ecuador: Shrunken heads, panama hats, and standing in the middle of the world

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Quito: Quite a Delight

Now in Quito. Had a booking at a TERRIBLE hostel (Secret Garden Hostel) for $10 per person per night for a double room with a common loo (highly recommended by all the guidebooks) filled with noisy, rude people. I over heard one of them talk about how, “And I said, I´m not moving from here… Continue reading Quito: Quite a Delight

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Colombia: Cali-ente!

Are these updates becoming too frequent? I am now in stupendously beautiful Quito, having left Cali early this morning on a flight. It was a relaxing and enjoyable four days there. I didn´t salsa unfortunately, but spent four hours, one evening listening to several of Colombia´s best Afro-Colombian bands play at a stadium in the… Continue reading Colombia: Cali-ente!

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Fun in Manizales

I am now in Cali. Just a quick update – spent the last 4 days in the beautiful hills of the Eje Cafetero region. Manizales is a pretty university town set right on top of a hill, and surrounded by the cordilleras, with spectacular views of the Nevados del Ruiz, a craggy snow-covered mountain range… Continue reading Fun in Manizales

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No Me Mulleta: The Mullets of Medellin

This is going to be a quick update (again) because I´m running out of money and I´m dead tired from travelling and losing things (and finding them) again. I´ll get the hang of it soon, I promise. Things lost (and found) today: my sleeping bag. I just got to my next stop, Manizales, after spending… Continue reading No Me Mulleta: The Mullets of Medellin

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Serendiparis – Part I

Before rushing out the door to get to the airport, I scanned my bookshelf for an airplane read. Since I was headed to Paris, I thought it would be à propos to pick a French author for my journey, and given that I wouldn’t have the concentration to actually read in French, I decided on… Continue reading Serendiparis – Part I