Fourth of July, 2011

It’s night here, but all of North America is spending a lazy late afternoon with beer sloshing around in their bellies, faces warm in the sun, fingers slightly sticky from ketchup, translucent food stains on their clothes, where they wiped up a splotch of mustard and beef fat that dripped off a juicy burger. Some… Continue reading Fourth of July, 2011

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Does fiction make you a dreamer?

I was talking with a colleague at work earlier today, and I asked her if she read fiction. She didn’t seem like the type — head on her shoulders, au courant with politics and social issues, always discussing the management consultancy world and its people. She said No, I don’t. My job is my job.… Continue reading Does fiction make you a dreamer?


Kenya Nchi Nzuri…

1. I met this man on the beach, Jonah. He had nappy hair bleached out of a bottle. He’s a lifeguard on the public beach in Bamburi. His float is a disused 5 litre plastic water can. His teeth are long and yellow, protruding, and veering out in opposing directions. The coolest thing about him,… Continue reading Kenya Nchi Nzuri…

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A Few of My Favourite Things

Nine years is almost a decade. That’s a long time. I sat on the couch, paralyzed by the To Do list I had to check off in the coming two weeks after work hours, and of course, wandered over to Facebook instead. Eventually, I ended up where I always do when I’ve read everyone’s updates… Continue reading A Few of My Favourite Things