Telling Stories

Ten Good things last week 1. My introduction to and total obsession with Gossip Girl2. The Presidential Debate3. Sunday morning brunch and coffee on the Danforth4. Falling sick (not good) and reading trashy novels in bed (good)5. Writing a WHOLE NEW SCENE!!!6. Chatting for three hours on the phone7. Cooking a meal after three months8.… Continue reading Telling Stories


I See Dead People(s Libraries)

Here’s a handy little link to the best thing of all… a list of books on the bookshelves of famous dead people. If you’re like me, you KNOW you’re itching to click on this link at work and spend the next two hours going through every single person on the list. (Which I did.) My… Continue reading I See Dead People(s Libraries)

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It Couldn’t Happen Here

Pet Shop Boys = I am concentrating on my conference paper. So You Think You Can Dance / Canada’s Next Top Model = I am not. Vertigo = Sit and spin. Freelance writing = eight articles to hand in by Sunday. Chapatikid.blogspot.com / Hotmail / Gmail / Yahoo / Pinkisthenewblog.com = procrastination. Facebook = ultimate… Continue reading It Couldn’t Happen Here