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Baby, I’m Your Man!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just saw the best of George Michael.

(Lame faraway crazed-fan photo 1)

After the past three weeks of sad news – losing dear friends, and having friends lose their dear ones to cancer, much light came into my life by way of tonight’s concert. George Michael wasn’t looking Wham!. He wasn’t even looking Faith. He looked Older. Like a greying pop genius should. With the pipes to prove it. He made me teary-eyed when he sang “I’m Your Man.” I shouted, “Yes, George, yes! You’re my man!” I blew him kisses too. It’s too bad I was really in the very last row up in the stands.

The stage was pretty simple: a long curvilinear platform on top of the stage that flowed down the back wall like a waterfall and hung over the front lip of the stage like a tongue sticking out. On either side, a large screen also projecting images – sometimes George (sigh) and sometimes video footage. Images rolled down and across the platform. The band played on a tiered set between the waterfall-platform and the screens on either side. Backup singers accompanied George on stage at times. There were no costume changes except for one, when George came out dressed as a cop, for obvious reasons. That was the only fancy setpull of the night, with spotlights and helicopter noises. Otherwise, tame.

(Lame faraway crazed-fan photo 2)

He shook his rump at us and did the twinkle toes, finger snapping, chest swaying moves he used to do back in the Wham! days. He’s not a terribly good dancer, but I must have been hit over the head with a silly stick, because I was shrieking like the thousands of other women in the Air Canada Centre, as if he were Elvis.

He was charming indeed. And so brilliant. And he took a bow before his first encore. That’s class. I’m biased. His set list was fantastic – including songs like Father Figure, A Different Corner, Careless Whisper, Kissing a Fool, Fast Love, Too Funky, Everything She Wants, Outside, Amazing, and of course, Freedom (not the Wham! version), and of course, Faith (faith, faith!). And then two covers: Roxanne, and First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face). And at least a half-dozen or more others.

I have stars in my eyes.
I heart George, ladies. Gay or straight, he will always be my man.


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