Back to Reality

With some major events coming up for me this year, I think 2008 is going to fly by. I had a long flight back and ended up catching a full-blown cold along the way. Had a short stop in London, where I stayed the night at my aunt’s, and got to see my cousin’s S. and T., and have dinner with them. It was lovely, I was glad to break journey after that mad panic at Bahrain airport where I almost missed my flight, and I was most happy to be with the A. family, for no matter how short a time.

Returning home was a breeze, and my brothers came over to get their goodies. We all ate dinner together and then started to watch the old home movies I had transferred from 8mm film to digital. So weird to see myself at six months, crawling on my stomach, at five years picking shells on a beach in Sri Lanka, at eight, swinging high on a swing set with my brother. Or seeing my parents’ wedding, my father’s architecture student trip around Europe before he got married, my parents looking trendy.

More photos from Bombay to come. And now, off to work.

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