You Can’t Stop the Beat!

It’s all happened so fast my head is spinning! On Monday, I did my final interview. On Tuesday, I was offered a wonderful job with the publishing house I interviewed with. On Wednesday, I began to wonder what I should do with the nine-odd days I have before I start work, and a US$350 electronic flight coupon voucher for Continental to be redeemed by the end of year. So I bought a ticket to Madrid today. I leave tomorrow. And that’s all, folks! Be back November 3, and perhaps in-between, may find a bit of time to post here and there. If I’m not eating too much tapas and drinking too much sangria.

My mission: to try and find my pickpocket acquaintances in Madrid (for those of you who know the story about my last trip to Madrid 11 years ago); to get to the Alhambra; to go to Toledo and Seville, and I’m not sure what else! Perhaps squeeze in a bit of Barcelona too!

Hasta luego mis amigos.

5 thoughts on “You Can’t Stop the Beat!

  1. congratulations on the job 🙂 and re: spain, omg SO JEALOUS!!!! have a fabulous time, and yes, do go to barca if you get a chance. also, santiago de compostela (while a bit out of the way) is just fantastic. toledo is OK… seville and cordoba (if you haven’t been to the mezquita) are also super cool. buen viaje, y besitos!


  2. Dear Dear CK,I am back to reality now, after almost 3 months of vacation. I’m back to Bogota, back to my blog, back to job searching… and back to CK blog reading! So I caught up where I had left you: sometime in May. For the last 3 nights I felt sorry for your sore arse writer’s syndrome but followed you up to your thesis’ last word and breathed again doing imaginary kayak with you on a Québec river, I discovered the astonishing ROM Crystal and some crazy Toronto nights, cracked up with the Willie Waller 2006, and finally learnt you just crossed the ocean again AND will start a wonderful job on your return!!!! Whoah, that was quite a trip! Lots of love, CK, and Tio Guillo and Nati miss you and say hi. Melitina


  3. Thank you all!Sim — I made it to Granada and Barca, but not enough time to go anywhere else. I’ll have to go back there.Meli — I miss you! And thanks for being so diligent about catching up on your reading. I’m glad you’re posting again. And I want to send my love to Tio and Tia as well.Rotter — Joaquin the Cheeto Monster has apparently moved back to Murcia. And I didn’t know. So I missed him.


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