Thanksgiving 2007

An American Thanksgiving 2007

Montreal, October 7, 2007

The Venue

Superchef K’s, as per our new tradition.

Number of guests: Eight

The Menu

Corn on the cob with lemon, butter, pepper and Italian red chillies

A 15 lb roast turkey with truffles, basted with truffle oil. Stuffed with apple, sausage, bread and sage. Time to prepare and cook: 8 hours

Mashed potatoes with cream, milk, butter, and a touch of this and that. Prep time: don’t ask. My fingers are still numb.

Sauteed green beans.

Green salad with dessicated coconut and sundry seeds (prepared by J and A) with a maple syrup-Dijon dressing.

A great deal of vino tinto to start and blanco to finish.

For dessert, a pumpkin pie made from scratch, bought, peeled, steamed, mashed, spiced, sugared, whisked, folded, poured, and baked. Base also made at home. Prep time: 6 hours (a team effort).

After that, complete oblivion, exhaustion, and great gluttony.

The Reviews

“Everything is spot on.”
— A. Auxiliar, The Walking Receptacle Magazine

“Pigging out is all fun and games until someone gets a stitch from overindulgence. I fear I shall be all sewn up.”
— K. Marchand, What Would Jesus Eat Daily

“I can no longer say that I don’t enjoy the taste of pumpkin pie.”
— P. Nearford, The Double Negative Debater


4 thoughts on “An American Thanksgiving 2007

  1. Thanks! Well, when I was studying in the States, this was de rigeur at TG — turkey, gravy, mash, fresh cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. No feat was complete without these elements. In Canada, it’s not so rigid. That’s all!


  2. I rarely get to do the whole turkey thing… my parents are usually rather insistent that I spend the day with them… and so it’s always kerala this and tikka that.Not that I’m complaining… but that meal looks rather scrumptious.M.


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