Six by Six

For those of you who think cricket is boring, watch this little clip between England and India that took place two days ago. The video is long (7 minutes in heaven), because I picked real time instead of highlights. But there’s a reason. I want to show you non-believers how exciting cricket is. Artistry. Power. Beauty. It’s all here. And Yuvraj Singh makes history. I watched it and then got up to do a little victory dance. It was THAT good.

FYI: for those of you who don’t know cricket, a bowler (pitcher) bowls 6 balls in an over (an over = a set of six pitches that a single bowler makes consecutively). 6 is the highest score you can hit. You don’t have to run when you hit a four or six, because it’s a boundary hit. Kind of like a home run. Imagine your favourite team making six consecutive home runs. That’s how it feels. I’ll stop and let you enjoy it now. Especially the look of disbelief of the face of the English cricketers. Yeah.

TAKE THAT, England!

9 thoughts on “Six by Six

  1. I’m glad you found the clip, that was exciting. However, we have to make it past the Aussies now. Twenty20 was a good idea to make the game more exciting. It’s like football now. Who was the other commentator? It was Boycott and someone… Shastri? I mist Navjot Sidhu and his inane Sidhuisms.


  2. That was quite show… but I have a question. How many hours of cricket does one need to watch before they see this kind of excitement. I mean let’s be honest, this isn’t par for the course, is it?I remember watching cricket back in the day of Imran Khan and Wasim Akram (SP?) in the mid eighties, when I lived in Karachi, and it wasn’t often you saw action like that… Still, a very cool clip to watch, never seen a “6 X 6” before…


  3. In answer to 2shay’s question, this type of cricket excitement is the norm in Twenty20, indeed it was the very reason the game was invented, an extrapolation of the concept that originally conceived one day cricket. So yes, I would expect 6×6 to become more common.


  4. Thank you, oh wise 5Cents! But Yuvie will always go down in the books for being the first in Twenty20. I think Gary Sobers was the first to do it before. Ever.Thanks for noticing my Archive name. I hope you got the pun in my Blogroll name too. I don’t want to have to explain it! Hee hee!


  5. Hmmm, I’ve have to read up a bit more on Twenty20. At a glance I just thought it was a catchy name a twenty and under tourney or something.Hee hee, I noticed the name of the blog roll, but I wasn’t sharp enough to pick up on the pun… now that I have a road map… [APPLAUSE]


  6. sacrilege there with the baseball/home run comparison.still, debate is whether twenty20 is “cricket”. far cry from almost 500 overs played over 5 days at the Oval or somesuch.


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