Kate Schutt "No Love Lost" · Montreal

No Love Lost

Now listening to: Kate Schutt’s No Love Lost. I’ve been listening to this CD for a while now, and it’s super jazzy and mellow. I finally got to hear her last night at C’est What? by St. Lawrence Market. It was a wonderful show, bare bones — just Schutt and her guitar and her accompanying drummer. She picked and slid on her 8-string guitar/bass and they jammed beautifully. Schutt has a soft, high creamy voice that feels like the wind blowing your hair back on a roller coaster ride when she powers it up. Her drummer Nole (I forget his last name) and she really got rocking. I always forget how listening to live music gives me a new ear for it. One of my favourite tracks on the CD is “The Moon Got Broken.” I urge you to find it and buy it and listen. Or check out her MySpace site to listen to some samples.

Well folks, I’m off! To Montreal, yet again, my home away from home at K’s. This weekend is a guaranteed fun-filled bonanza — I’ve already been kept abreast of all activities being arranged, so that I can attend. Here’s my plan:
Friday night arrival: cheese and wine fest
Saturday morning and afternoon: spend time with S. and baby M. + Shopping!
Saturday early evening: Giant picnic followed by outdoor dance party, organized by Colombian A. and friends!
Saturday night: Continue from Saturday afternoon
Sunday all day: Giant sushi picnic organized by J.
Sunday night: recover with more cheese
Monday: who knows?


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