Too Photographed

"Impossible!" you say.

But I say, “It’s true! I’ve had two very strange days in one week.”

Today, I discovered I could see my jawbone from inside my mouth, quite literally. My dentist laughed when I called her and told her that I see something white and I think it’s my. . . She told me to come in and see her to assuage my fear. Which is when she stopped laughing.

Also, a job interview in which the interviewer convinced me (in case I wasn’t convinced before), that the job I was interviewing for may be too boring for me. He did this by repeatedly asking me if I was quite sure I wasn’t going to find this job dull. Now, I’m having second thoughts about it.

So, I felt quite dead by the end of the day. As a result of which, I thought I would brighten up everyone’s mornings with a little family love. Below:

My cousin Alefiya with whom I had a trippin’ time in Sri Lanka a few years ago, is currently staying with my parents in Bombay while doing a photography workshop. I already think she’s a brilliant photographer, and will soon be a shining star in the photojournalism firmament. But here’s her blog featuring her varied works.

My younger brother who hates being named and shamed, who is currently in Venezuela on a work-play assignment (working for an online community for fans of the Beautiful Game) for the Copa America, has taken photographs of his various travels, from New Zealand to India, and many in Toronto as well. I think he’s brilliant too, but in a Born To Be Wild kind of way. You can see what I mean.

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