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Sunday Giggles

Yesterday was sad and happy. My dad left to go back to India, and we had a surprisingly dry-eyed parting. We gave him some hilarious cards for Father’s Day, and dropped him to the airport en masse. Later that evening, I had a wonderful time out, dancing up a storm with R. He and I were supposed to go to C.’s birthday at the Drake, except there was a 40 minute lineup and we couldn’t get in. So we decided to pack it in and head to calmer seas. Which brought us to West, on King near Spadina. Older crowd, fantastic music, and what do you know, R. saw a guy he had met in Vancouver a few months before. So we became a group of 6 out of the two of us, and it was such a riot. Got home at 3:30 am, and peeled off my boots. Still hobbling this morning.

For the past three weeks, I’ve developed what is known as Benign Positional Vertigo. This means that I have no problems while standing, but when I lie down or bend over, I get the strangest spins that actually give me the giggles. This is how one web site describes the symptoms. And this is how to cure it. Hilarity!

For more Sunday snickering, read this brilliant post by The Back Womb on taking the shell of a Boeing 737 through the streets of Bombay — and getting lost along the way.


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