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Tonight was, in my opinion, hands down the best Lost episode of the entire season. Better even than the Season 3 premiere. HOW annoying was Locke in this episode? (So annoying. I think there should be a rule of thumb about not letting John near any electronic equipment. Ever. I wanted to rap him on the knuckles for touching things he wasn’t supposed to. Like my mother did to me when I got my kiddie paws too close to her Mayer Fabergé eggs. For crying out loud, a game of chess? That was really a false note for me. Would he really let his guard down that easily?) Saiyid is back, and he’s better than ever. He needs to be used more. Naveen Andrews is a fine actor, and every storyline he’s in is intense, wrought with emotion, and heartbreaking. Perhaps it’s also the contemporaneity of it. Anyhow, strong storyline, strong running gag subplot. Great to see Sawyer’s hairdo back. Loved Sawyer telling off Nikki. (And who the hell are you?) Loved that Paolo looks hotter and hotter, and finally “brang it” in front of Sawyer of all people. (Maybe those were the bananas he went to pick in the last episode.) (Also, Paolo, aka Rodrigo Santoro, plays the villain Xerxes in the new movie 300 that everyone’s talking about.) And almost cried in that final scene between Saiyid and Amira (played by Anne Nahabedian), the woman he tortured in prison.

Also, I wonder what models think when they’re made to audition for an ad, for a pharmaceutical, and they get the part, and then they find out that the pharmaceutical is to prevent the flare up of genital herpes.

And finally, does anyone else think that Stephen Colbert has really rubbery, strange-looking fingers? Sometimes, I watch The Colber Repor just to see his fingers waggle, and they freak me out in that I-can’t-look-at-them-but-I-must-but-I-can’t-but-I-must way.


7 thoughts on “Random Things…

  1. I finally caught Lost of TV and it was a good episode. Sayid is some sort of super Ninja brainiac with a incredible spidey sense, ESP and a past of torture and wrongdoing! It’s all so crazy it’s great. But wahhhhh, I’ve missed so many episodes since leaving the US I myself am Lost.


  2. I’m with you on that CK, the story lines have gotten better lately, I really enjoyed last week’s episode too. The back story of Hurley was entertaining (not to mention seeing Cheech again). From very early in the show, Hurley has been one of my favourite characters… I was so disappointed when they killed off his love interest, Libby. Maybe it’s the romantic in me, but I really wanted to see the two of them hook up.Darrell made an interesting observation – Libby (Cynthia Watross) and Anna Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) were both killed off abruptly, and they were both nailed for DUI’s… Coincidence?lol @ genital herpesNever noticed Steven’s fingers, will keep an eye out the next time he does “Tip of the hat / Wag of the finger”. I do, however, get the impression his face is very stretchy.


  3. 2Shay: Darrell’s right… the Watross/Rodrigues scandal was really big last year/year before. It’s common knowledge that it’s one of the main reasons they were pulled off the show. However, it’s also said that they knew they were being killed off before they got slammed for DUIs. So, and, but. Same for Eko — there’s a rumour about the drinking-driving, but also that he was a pain to work with, and that he wanted out so he could pursue his film projects. (It should be known, however, that this does not diminish his hotness in any way.) And finally, we should note that ALL the Tailies, with the exception of Bernard have died or been captured by the Others. Check out my friend Nikki ( for more in-depth analyses.Watch out for SC’s rubbery fingers! They will come to you in your sleeeeeep.


  4. I finally saw last night’s episode of CR and when Sumner Redstone had Colbert doing the Hokey Pokey and had to “shake it all about”… you weren’t kidding about those fingers… I’m sleeping with one eye open.


  5. Oh my… I have left North America for tooooooo long, I don’t even KNOW what you’re talking about. Where was I when Michelle Rodriguez’s character die? Impossible! I love her! Not to mention your post on 30 Rock, which I have NEVER heard about. I really must get cable TV!One good thing though, although I’m not watching US TV, a whole lot of you seem to be watching Colombian TV… Que viva Betty!


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