Speaking Spanish

Ella Hablará Español

Hosteria del Molino La Mesopotamia, on the Calle de Silencio (Street of Silence), where Marquinhos and I went in Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

Just thought I’d start my blog with a nice memory. Had my first Spanish class today, which was a lot of fun. The teacher heard me speak, and she said, “Do you have any friends who are from Mexico or Colombia?” And I said, “Yes, Colombia, why?” And she said, “Because you pronounce certain letters exactly like Colombians do.” Ohhh, I was so proud! And the BEST part — there was an entire dialogue between two people called Amalia and Marcos that we had to read through. Which just happen to be the names of two people I was with in Colombia. (Which put a grin on my face from ear to ear, Meli!)

Other news: boring. My thesis extension request has been temporarily denied. I must pony up at the end of this month with what I have, and I am now beside myself, writing close to six hours a day to squeeze a paltry few pages out. Yet, never has writing been so much fun, as pools of blood, a pig’s head, psychic visions, and the TTC all make their way into my story. And no, I’m not writing a murder mystery.

Still other news: I am currently obsessed with hearing the song “Ganas” by Grupo Niche — over and over and over and over again. Everytime I hear it, I want to break into dance on the street, but then I remember the dude in the black coat whom I always see listening to his iPod and sidestepping and doe-si-doeing and skipping on Bloor St. at St. George, and I stop myself.

Time for beddy-byes. 1 am is my new curfew.

2 thoughts on “Ella Hablará Español

  1. WOW Sumi! I’m soooo proud… and also laughing out loud, hahaha! Really, that’s funny because my name isn’t so common, and I’ve even been told it sounds kind of old-fashioned to Colombian people. Something like “Louise” in the US or France. Plus, I learnt spanish with teachers from Spain, so I had to read the adventures of Maria and Pedro… much more boring than Amalia and Marcos’, litterally speaking, HAHAHA!!I send you my most respectful congratulations for your excellent accent 🙂Oh, and try “Cali aji” also from Grupo Niche next time you walk down Bloor St. and you might even invite the “dude in the black coat” to dance salsa with you in the snow, ueeeepa!


  2. Meli! I miss you!!! This is the conversation we had to read (I can’t put in all the Spanish characters, so please excuse that!):M- Hola, Como se llama Ud.?A- Me llamo Amalia, y Ud.?M- Me llamo Marcos.A- Marcos, Ud. no es el gerente del supermercado?M- Si, y Ud. no es la esposa de mi jefe?Aaaaaa! Hahahahaha! I can’t even tell you much I wanted to laugh out loud when I was reading this and picturing you asking Marquinhos if he’s the supermarket manager! And him asking you if you’re the wife of his boss!


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