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Tabla 101

Okay, 5 Cent inspired this one. For anyone who’s curious about how it’s played, here’s maestros Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha Khan to teach you. Watch to the end — how he says the Taal and then plays it.


4 thoughts on “Tabla 101

  1. That was flipping amazing, tablas are so pure. If you’re into the tabla, sitar, etc and want some contemporary beats, look into asian underground stuff by Nitin Sawhney & Talvin Singh. Now off I go on a YouTube quest for more…


  2. I love Nitin Sawhney. I heard him play live in Montreal during the 2002 Jazz Fest there. And Talvin’s an old favourite too — along with the Asian Dub Foundation. My drum and bass phase happened back in 2000… I’m over it now, but Talvin’s still a favourite. Did you go and hear State of Bengal at the Harbourfront last August? Bloody awful.


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